Hello Everyone! Sorry, we have not been able to update the blog in a while due to projects here on the homestead. We have been busy building a chicken coop getting ready for our chicks to arrive. We also have been preparing for our fruit trees arrival. In addition, we had to build a wood shed because we had a crap ton of cut wood all over the property. In between that, we had to prepare for the arrival of our new additions to the family and the homestead, our boys lgd puppies Duke and Einstein. Last but not least, we had to prepare the garden. My husband was kind enough to bring home two truck loads of cow manure for my garden. We will be back to our regularly scheduled programming in a few days. Keep your eyes open and ear to the ground and a big thanks to all that follow us. God Bless!




Like we stated before, we had no prior building experience, but we were so determined to change our lifestyle that we took a leap of faith. We were not willing to let anything stand in our way and there were lots of obstacles along the way. We were thinking outside of the box, but people with building experience always refused or could not wrap their heads around what we were trying to do nor were they sure why we were trying to build a house out of a grain bin.

So without us having building experience, this created one of the biggest obstacles that we had to face. With very few people in the construction industry able to offer information, we fell back into line on doing things traditionally with contractors doing the work. This was short lived after we received a $15,000 bid for the heating and cooling system. Keep in mind, they were going to use part of our plans and our idea of exposed duct work for installing the system. This situation reinvigorated the do for self mentality. I know, a lot of people are going to say, “I’ve never done a certain thing so I cannot do it and it will not be right. I need a professional to do it.” This is so far from the truth. We are all capable of so much more than we give ourselves credit for or are willing to take a risk on. After doing research, we came up with our own idea of how the duct work should be installed and look. Of course, there are basic principles with sizing a system, cfm flow rates, etc., but we were able to design and install a system for a fraction of the cost, and I mean a fraction.

By deciding to continue to do things ourselves, we were able to save more money for operation quit job. The goal of the entire project was still to live a simple stress-free existence. Everyone’s idea of a stress free or less stress lifestyle is different. For us, it means being debt free and not a slave to lenders, to not have to work 50+ hours each week, to not sacrifice our personal time and family time, to own fewer things, and setting up our own little homestead for self sustainability. I know this concept seems far out to a lot of people, as it was to us once upon a time, but a lot of these ideas started to come into fruition with each project that we conquered. Although each project we conquered was fulfilling and was a step closer to our ultimate goal, we also had setbacks like trying to build curved stairs to our loft.

This was highly difficult because no one could tell us nor could we find information on building curved steps on a curved wall. So we had to call for back up AKA my dad. We told him we needed to build curved stairs. His reply was, “I know how to build regular stairs, but not curved stairs.” So much for the backup. It was up to us to figure this thing out because we had planned on having a loft, which kinda requires stairs, well unless you can fly. We tossed around several ideas for a week or so between working on other projects. It took my math brain and my husbands pure genius, per him he’s not the sharpest tool in the shed, to come up with an idea that would work.

Curved stairs on a curved wall