You Can’t Do That


With the stairs completed, this gave us the ability to start on our loft and gave us extra motivation to get the floor joists completed in a couple days. After the floor joists were completed, this left us with a dilemma. What flooring do we want? We had the idea of this old rustic look. So we took a little trip to the lumber store. Once we talked with the guys there, they suggested that we put down a sub-floor, then put down whatever flooring we wanted. We paid for the materials and rushed back to the grain bin house to wait for the supplies to arrive. The sub-floor flooring arrived about 30 minutes later.

With the sub-floor unloaded, we then carried a couple sheets of 4X8 advanced sub-flooring up to the loft. After laying these pieces on the floor, we soon realized that it did not make sense to put down a sub-floor, then a finished flooring on top of that. We also realized that this was not the vision and a total waste of money and time to put down a sub-floor and then a wood floor on top of that. Not to mention, the floor would be heavier this way. We discussed it for several minutes, and came up with using hemlock fir 2X12’s for the floor. We called the lumber guys to see if we could return the sub-flooring and then purchase 2X12 hemlock fir boards instead. They said we could. We then told them what we wanted to do. They replied, “You can’t do that!” “Why not?” we asked. Then a long pause. Well I guess you can, I don’t see why you can’t.

Without any hassle, 15 minutes before close on a Saturday, they picked up the 4×8 sheets and delivered our 2X12’s. We were relieved and excited that they were able to make this happen, otherwise we were dead in the water for an entire weekend. Granted, we had things to do on the outside, but all of those things were not important at the moment and could wait. We figured out the floor pattern and got our first few planks down. At that moment, I look at my husband and he looks at me, and we gave each other the nod of approval. Now this was our vision and we saved a lot of money!

Start of our beautiful wood floor

This example is one of the many decisions we made that was not conventional but very cost effective. By thinking of unconventional ways to get the same or better results, this allowed us to put even more money towards operation quit job. At this point, we were so amped up about the floor we were rocking and rolling, and were able to get the floor laid over the weekend.

One of the other priorities for us was to make sure that we were able to have a garden so that we could capitalize on saving money on food by canning and eating fresh vegetables. We had to make time in our busy building schedule to find a spot and dig up a plot for the garden. So, it was time to rent a skid loader. Since, we did not have a truck at the time, my husband had to drive the skid loader 2 miles to the property.  My husband is like a kid in a candy store when he gets on the machine, and always seems to find more projects that we didn’t even have planned. What a nutcase, I have to make him get off the machine to eat and use the restroom. He seems to think that now we need to buy one, I think he just wants it to play.While my husband was digging up the garden plot, I was continuing the work on clearing the land. By days end, we had the garden plot prepared and few more meaningless projects that my husband created. Ok not meaningless, but they just needed to be done at a later date. But you only live once right?!?

In the meantime, I was kinda starting to itch here and there and didn’t think about it much. As day turned into evening, I started to itch a little more. That’s when a light bulb came on and I remembered that we had poison ivy on the property. By bedtime, I was itching uncontrollably. Needless to say, I did not get much sleep, not sure my husband did either. But lucky him, he’s not allergic to the stuff, and can probably roll around in it, lucky dog. In the AM, I had never been so enthusiastic to go to work. I couldn’t wait to get there so that my doctor could give me a shot. Unfortunately, it was so bad, the shot did very little to relieve the itching. The doctor gave me a prescription cream and some sample products to try. It’s kinda hard to work when the only thing you can think about is scratching yourself to death. By day end, it had spread to my arms, legs, and stomach. I vowed to never, ever get poison ivy again. I must be a glutton for punishment because months later while helping clear the land, I got poison ivy again.

This time, it was not my fault! I wore extra clothes even in the heat of summer gloves, hat, jeans, long sleeves over a t-shirt, and boots.Now the problem was, I think that I got the poison ivy when I was taking off my work clothes but not getting in the shower right away. Doing this, doing that… maybe it was was my husband- he touched the poison ivy and spread it to me. I’m just going to blame it on him, yeah it was him. This was so tragic. I mean really. It was worse this time than the last time. I got another shot, more prescription medicine, more samples, and any other home remedy we could think of. I thought I was truly going to lose my mind, all I could think about was scratching. After this episode, I informed my husband that I resign my position of helping clear the land, effective immediately. After all, it was his idea to by this poison ivy infested place anyway, so he should have to clear it. But, I must say, he was a good sport and ran around town to get different medicines. After I got over the poison ivy enough to concentrate, it was time to tackle wiring.



Hello Chaos


Homeless. Homeless. Homeless. Ok, maybe not really homeless, but we were actually homeless for about two hours. We had all of our personal possessions in a U-Haul waiting to meet our landlord and get keys to our apartment. We finally have a home again, then it was a mad rush to get everything into our apartment with only 5 hours of daylight left because it was just us two moving. All of our friends bailed, I mean they were busy, at the last minute. So being that we had to work on the land the next day, we thought it was a great idea to get everything organized and put away that night. Needless to say, staying up until 3 A.M. was not our brightest moment. No one said we were the sharpest tools in the shed. The morning rolled around rather quickly. We were awakened by noisy neighbors, which was a new experience for us and might I add awesome?!?

But on a positive note, we got up, and went out to the disastrous land to begin clearing trees. We still did not have a clue about where this grain bin house was going to go. The placement of the grain bin house was contingent upon where the septic tank could go due to the rules and regulations imposed by the county code. We started to determine which trees needed to be removed. We started up the chainsaw, and began to cut down trees, drag them into piles, and started bonfires, which was awesome. After working until dark with bonfires still blazing, we had to shut it down in preparation for the everyday grind that we all have to endure.

So begins our new “normal”. Get up, work 10 hour days, come home, eat dinner AKA gas station food, work on the land until there was absolutely no daylight left, and go to bed. In the meantime, we were able to get approval on our septic tank, which enabled us to determine where to put the grain bin house. On the land, we have lots of 50+ feet tall oak trees. There was one particular tree that was perfect in every way. It was probably 70 feet tall, with a perfect trunk, no lower limbs, and as you get to the top of the tree the foliage formed a perfect dome shape for a great shade tree. But the tree happened to be in the perfect spot to place the grain bin house, which was slightly behind a wooded rolling hill. We spent a couple weeks trying to figure out another location for the grain bin house, but we soon realized that this was just the “perfect” spot. So the beautiful tree had to go, which was saddening.

Meanwhile, we were continuing to work the disastrous land and waiting for the contractors to show up to pour the concrete slab. At this point, we were not quite sure if the contractor would actually show up, due to the fact that they seemed shocked and kinda unsure if we were serious about pouring a circle slab for a grain bin house, but said they could pour a circle. At the time we told them our idea, they thought we were rather crazy just like others.