My Husband Shot Me


At this point, the budget got even tighter. We put even more money into saving, or bought things that we knew we would need for the house in the future. At the same time, we were still preparing to deploy operation quit job.

Everything was on us now. We were the general contractor, the contractor, the builder, the electrician, the HVAC, and the plumber. Our approach was that you never know what you are capable of unless you try, and if you fail, there is always someone that can fix it. Now it may cost you more to fix it, but on the flip side, when you succeed you start to realize how much more you are capable of doing in this dependent society. If you do a crappy job, you only have yourself to blame and have to live with what you’ve done. But if you hire someone and they do a crappy job, you have to live with what they’ve done and this could leave a bad taste in your mouth. We had already experienced this in different situations, so that’s how we came to the conclusion that we needed to do this ourselves.

We strapped on our boots, and yes my husband made me buy real work boots, which I wear everyday on the job (stickler). After working 10 hours, I drove straight to the job site AKA the grain bin house and started framing. It took a while to figure things out, but once we did we got into this amazing groove and knocked out a good portion of the framing. At 1AM, we decided that it was probably time to call it a day because work (the real jobs) were going to come fairly soon.We were hungry and beat down tired, but we had this sense of accomplishment energy that made us even more confident that we could do this. So this was the routine for the next week. Everything was moving smoothly and uneventful until the tragedy. Ok, maybe not a tragedy, but it seemed like one at the time. Our first job site accident.  As we were framing, my husband just happened to put a nail through 2 of my fingers while I was holding a couple boards for him. Well actually, it came out the side of the board and went through my fingers. I must say I was a super trooper. I did not cry, but I wanted to. I was sidelined for most of the evening, but later on, I was able to help out a little bit. After the incident, we were very aware of the power that the nail gun possessed and were very aware of where hands should and should not be placed. Safety first!

Work site tragedy

So we kept trucking along, and things started to get really interesting. Walls went up, walls came down. We cut 2X4’s the size of our couch, chairs, etc. and placed them on the floor to see if we liked the layout and how flexible it would or could be before we put up walls. Even though it was frustrating at times, it was so much fun because nothing was or had to be set in stone. So many things were done on the fly and the most creative things were simply not planned. But also, when doing things on the fly, you still need to have a vision of the final product.


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