Hello Chaos


Homeless. Homeless. Homeless. Ok, maybe not really homeless, but we were actually homeless for about two hours. We had all of our personal possessions in a U-Haul waiting to meet our landlord and get keys to our apartment. We finally have a home again, then it was a mad rush to get everything into our apartment with only 5 hours of daylight left because it was just us two moving. All of our friends bailed, I mean they were busy, at the last minute. So being that we had to work on the land the next day, we thought it was a great idea to get everything organized and put away that night. Needless to say, staying up until 3 A.M. was not our brightest moment. No one said we were the sharpest tools in the shed. The morning rolled around rather quickly. We were awakened by noisy neighbors, which was a new experience for us and might I add awesome?!?

But on a positive note, we got up, and went out to the disastrous land to begin clearing trees. We still did not have a clue about where this grain bin house was going to go. The placement of the grain bin house was contingent upon where the septic tank could go due to the rules and regulations imposed by the county code. We started to determine which trees needed to be removed. We started up the chainsaw, and began to cut down trees, drag them into piles, and started bonfires, which was awesome. After working until dark with bonfires still blazing, we had to shut it down in preparation for the everyday grind that we all have to endure.

So begins our new “normal”. Get up, work 10 hour days, come home, eat dinner AKA gas station food, work on the land until there was absolutely no daylight left, and go to bed. In the meantime, we were able to get approval on our septic tank, which enabled us to determine where to put the grain bin house. On the land, we have lots of 50+ feet tall oak trees. There was one particular tree that was perfect in every way. It was probably 70 feet tall, with a perfect trunk, no lower limbs, and as you get to the top of the tree the foliage formed a perfect dome shape for a great shade tree. But the tree happened to be in the perfect spot to place the grain bin house, which was slightly behind a wooded rolling hill. We spent a couple weeks trying to figure out another location for the grain bin house, but we soon realized that this was just the “perfect” spot. So the beautiful tree had to go, which was saddening.

Meanwhile, we were continuing to work the disastrous land and waiting for the contractors to show up to pour the concrete slab. At this point, we were not quite sure if the contractor would actually show up, due to the fact that they seemed shocked and kinda unsure if we were serious about pouring a circle slab for a grain bin house, but said they could pour a circle. At the time we told them our idea, they thought we were rather crazy just like others.


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