Get Out

Perfect landscaped yard

30 days…to get out!

As we packed, we discovered that we had excessive amounts of stuff that we hardly ever, or for that matter, never even used. We started to think about, how much stuff¬† do you actually need to live? That question coupled with moving from a house to an apartment spawned this crazy idea of only keeping what we actually used. Ok, maybe this idea is not crazy, but in today’s society does not seem to be very practical. Or is it?

Operation: Give Away. So we started to get rid of everything that we hadn’t used in forever. Lucky for us, we had the sweetest two old ladies that lived next door that we gave quite a bit to. It was a good feeling because they were in need of items we were getting rid of; they were so thankful and it was a win-win situation for both of us. We were also able sell a few items and donate the rest. So, we didn’t throw everything away because we had not decided on our future space, but we did get rid of quite a bit of stuff. As we packed and gave stuff away, the house actually started to look better and feel better because there was just less stuff. Less to trip over, less to clean, less clutter, and more space. This pushed the notion of how far can we take this minimalistic approach?…TINY HOUSE. So with our newfound approach, we jumped feet first into the tiny house movement idea. But, after some research and the realization that we love each other very much and spend quite a bit of time together, this was not going to work. Tiny house idea… DONE. After researching other structures, we both became stuck on the grain bin house idea.

So we started to take measurements of our current living space and really started to figure out what we wanted and didn’t want in our new home.And boy let me tell you, the old excessive giant really kicked into gear.I wanted this, he wanted that.¬† We were going to put everything in this house! Then, reality kicked in. We didn’t have THAT kind of money. So, we had to settle for the must haves. At the same time, we had to think about growing old in the house. Wider doors, bigger showers, and necessities accessible on one level for possible wheelchair access and/or old age. As we started to draw the floor plans and narrow down what we had to have in the grain bin house, we also had to consider long term costs; like maintenance, taxes, repairs, etc. As we drew up the floor plan and got things organized for building a house and moving, this minimalistic, more self sufficient, stress free lifestyle change was fast approaching.

30 days were up and it was goodbye to the “perfect” little life that we had created. It was a bittersweet and might I add, scary moment.


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